Palm Leaves – Set of 2 Frames

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Size Chart
  1. When Only print (Canvas or paper) is chosen, it comes with 1 inch white border
  2. Each Frame will be 2 inch wide from all sides.
  3. Framed Print does not come with white border.
  4. Size of Print’ selection is for single art print in the set. All 2 art prints are equal in size
  5. Stretched canvas does not include frame, but wooden frame that supports the canvas. These are ready to hang on the wall.

Each of our pictures is HD printed on high-quality paper and tear-resistant cotton canvas.

Our HD print ensures that the colors are bright and do not fade over time.

We have strict quality requirements for each print we ship, so rest assured that you’re getting a piece that meets our supreme standards.

The digital art piece features a striking composition of abstract palm leaves rendered in vibrant retro colors, evoking a sense of nostalgia and modern aesthetic. Against a backdrop of muted pastel hues, the palm leaves emerge as focal points, their elongated shapes twisting and intertwining dynamically across the canvas.

The art employs a mix of geometric and organic forms to create the palm leaves, infusing them with a sense of fluidity and movement.

The color palette is reminiscent of the retro era, with hues of mustard yellow, avocado green, burnt orange, and teal dominating the composition. These colors are layered and blended together, creating a harmonious yet dynamic visual experience.

Moreover, light and shadow play a crucial role in the artwork. It casts subtle gradients and highlights that enhance the depth and realism of the palm leaves. The interplay of light and color imbues the piece with a sense of energy and vitality. It invites the viewer to immerse themselves in its captivating beauty.

Overall, this Palm Leaves digital art piece masterfully combines abstract forms, retro colors, and contemporary techniques. This creates a visually stunning representation of palm leaves that is both timeless and modern.

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Size of Print

6 x 8 in, 9 x 12 in, 12 x 16 in, 15 x 20 in, 18 x 24 in, 24 x 32 in


Canvas, Matte Paper


Black, Brown, White, Stretched Canvas, No Frame (Rolled print)


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Please note : The below size chart is for a single art print. You will need to multiply and calculate the respective sizes for the set of two's and three's.

Size Of Print Rolled Print Stretched Canvas Framed
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9 x 12 in 9 x 12 in 9 x 12 in 10.5 x 13.5 in
12 x 16 in 12 x 16 in 12 x 16 in 13.5 x 17.5 in
15 x 20 in 15 x 20 in 15 x 20 in 17 x 22 in
18 x 24 in 18 x 24 in 18 x 24 in 20 x 26 in
24 x 32 in 24 x 32 in 24 x 32 in 26 x 34 in
Palm Leaves - interior decor look 1 - Arts FiestaPalm Leaves – Set of 2 Frames
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