10 Artists Tackling Climate Change and Picturing a More Hopeful World

In the canvas of our uncertain times, where the brushstrokes of climate change cast shadows of doubt and despair. There emerges a cadre of artists artist tackling climate change and using creative palettes as instruments of change.

With each stroke of their brushes along with every click of the camera shutter. They envision not just a world imperiled by environmental crises. But one teeming with the vibrant hues of hope and resilience.

Join us as we delve into the realm where art becomes activism. Where the canvases come alive with narratives of renewal. Where every frame holds the promise of a more sustainable tomorrow.

Here, artists are not just picturing a more hopeful world. They are actively painting it into existence. With each stroke of their paintbrush or click of the camera, these artists are capturing the essence of their vision.

Furthermore, they are using their creativity to inspire others to join them in creating a better future. Through their art, they are bridging the gap between dreams and reality.

1. Sara Black and Amber Ginsburg blur boundaries with sculpture

Starting with the artist tackling climate change is sculptors Sara Black and Amber Ginsburg. They are located in Chicago. Explore the place of humans in natural ecosystems through their work. Together, they “interrogate the idea that we are separate from nature and that something called nature exists at all,” according to Black.

Black and Ginsburg went to a California woodland that had been completely destroyed by abrupt oak death in 2016.

The parasitic organism known as water mold. This resembles a fungus and infects oaks and other trees, is the source of the disease.

Because stressed trees are less disease-resistant and strong storms aid in the spread of the water mold that causes sudden oak death. Also, forests may be more susceptible to outbreaks of sudden oak death due to climate change.

Sudden Oak Death was the cause of this fallen tanoak tree. It is currently preserved in the 7,000 Marks artwork created by Sara Black and Amber Ginsburg. (Image sourced from Sara Black.)

The goal of the discussions and seminars they organize around them is to find ways to solve the climate crisis. Ginsburg stated, “We need to have really multiple ways of engaging the question through images, through words, and through art.” The news, the scientists, and the artists are all collaborative. It resembles a slow shift in actuality. Since it’s difficult to alter behavior, we must all work together.

2. Rebecca Lee Kunz runs with myths in her ‘Story Paintings’

Rebecca Lee Kunz, an artist and citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Who creates her work using printmaking, paint, natural materials like leaves and stones, and more.

“Story Paintings: A Mythological Narrative Told by the Creatures of the Anthropocene.” In each work, she uses printmaking, watercolor paintings, and graphite drawings. The series draws inspiration from the Cherokee creation myth and seeks lessons about survival and the future.

3. Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is a Danish-Icelandic artist who has used sculptures and photographs, among other media, to promote environmental causes for many years.

In fact, the United Nations Development Program named Eliasson a goodwill ambassador for climate change. Below is a view of “The Weather Project,” one of his pieces focusing on global warming.

Known for his large-scale installations that often incorporate elements of nature. Eliasson’s work often explores environmental themes, encouraging viewers to engage with their surroundings and consider humanity’s impact on the planet.

Artists Taking On The Climate Change

4. Agnes Denes

Denes creates pioneering environmental art, renowned for its large-scale earthworks and land art installations. Her work frequently explores themes of ecology, sustainability, and the relationship between humanity and nature.

Furthermore, The Living Pyramid, commissioned by Socrates Sculpture Park, marks the artist’s first significant public work in New York City in thirty years. Additionally, following her seminal urban intervention Wheatfield – A Confrontation in 1982, few artists truly deserve to be called “visionaries.” Even fewer can compare to Agnes Denes in terms of scope, breadth, outrageousness, and tenacity.

Her research on semiotics, epistemology, mathematics, history, and ecology—all of which are based on philosophical investigation and social observation—has resulted in a highly sophisticated and unique body of work.

Artists Taking On The Climate Change


Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn is well-known for his enormous hand reconstructions.

“I wanted to sculpt what is considered the hardest and most technically challenging part of the human body,” he says in his description.The ability to create, destroy, hate, and love are all within the grasp of one’s palm.The climatic catastrophe is one of the many environmental themes that Lorenzo tackles in his sculptures.

Moreover, it can be observed that Quinn’s sculptures not only embody the essence of human resilience but also shed light on the urgent environmental issues that we are confronting today. Additionally, by creating pieces such as “Support” and “Give,” Quinn effectively conveys the urgent need for action to protect our planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. By sparking conversations and inspiring action through his art, Quinn plays a significant role in raising awareness and advocating for sustainable practices.

Artists Taking On The Climate Change


Another artist tackling climate change and raiaing awareness is Nichole Sobecki. The primary subject of photographer and filmmaker is “humanity’s fraught, intimate, and ultimately unbreakable connection to the natural world.”

She is located in Kenya.Sobecki frequently discusses the effects of the climate issue and its solutions, all in the spirit of that theme.

As people witness the consequences of climate change unfolding, they are recognizing the urgency of taking action to mitigate its impact.

This growing awareness is leading to a shift in mindset towards prioritizing sustainable practices and advocating for policies that promote a greener future. Through their active involvement in sharing information and raising awareness, individuals are contributing to a larger global movement towards environmental conservation and climate resilience.

7. John Akomfrah

British-Ghanaian artist John Akomfrah explores memory, post-colonialism, the experiences of migrants globally, and, more lately, the climate issue in his works.Akomfrah presented “Purple,” a six-channel video installation, in 2017 to address climate change, human communities, and the wilderness. The piece was inspired by the artist’s travels to French Polynesia. It has been referred to as his multi-decade career’s “most ambitious project to date.”

John Akomfrah – Purple; 23 November 2022 to January 2024; Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden


Moreover, another in the list of artist tackling climate change is Ana Teresa Fernández. A painter and sculptor from San Francisco who was born in Mexico. Her “On the Horizon” display, which debuted in 2021, powerfully illustrates the threat that increasing sea levels pose to her region and, by extension, coastal communities worldwide.According to her description, “The plot and pacing of this tale revolve around us humans who live on this aquatic world. How each of us acts will determine how our tale as a whole plays out.


Beltra’s aerial perspective allows viewers to grasp the scale of environmental destruction caused by human actions.

By capturing striking images like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Beltra sheds light on the urgent need for sustainable practices to preserve our planet’s delicate balance. Through his powerful visuals, Beltra aims to provoke thought and inspire action towards a more sustainable future.


American painter Julie Heffernan explores a variety of topics in her work, including feminism, history, and the environment.

Additionally, Holten’s ability to convey the urgency of environmental issues through her art is particularly evident in her “When the Water Rises” series.

Moreover, by utilizing her artistic talent to illuminate the effects of climate change, Holten not only captivates the viewers but also encourages them to contemplate the importance of art in tackling urgent environmental issues. This series serves as a powerful reminder of the role that art can play in raising awareness and inspiring action towards a sustainable future.

By creating these alternative habitats in response to environmental disaster and planetary excess, she invites audiences to consider the impact of climate change on our planet.

These artists demonstrate the power of art to raise awareness, provoke thought, and inspire positive change in the face of climate change and environmental degradation. These are some artists tackling climate change and raising awareness.

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