10 of the world’s best cities to explore street art

More and more people are realizing that street art is a creative method to transform gray concrete canvases into vibrant urban landscapes. Here, are 10 of the world’s best cities to explore street art.

Finding these places is an excellent, affordable and adventerous way to see a new city. These are our top picks for the global cities where you may find street art.

1. London, United Kingdom

The diverse array of artistic creations strewn across London’s historic streets is a testament to the city’s flourishing arts scene. This combo beautifully captures the dynamic blend of old and modern culture of the city.
Brick Road. When it comes to street art, London’s vibrant Shore ditch neighborhood is hard to top; a number of well-known artists have made their marks there. In this bustling market area, a mix of murals, stencils, and street sculptures live vibrantly next to the old brick walls.

Brick Lane

2. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the epicenter of Australian street art, which has developed to capture the spirit of the city. Stencil graffiti, a kind of street art that is easily duplicated by spray painting an outline on paper, is credited to the city on the south coast. Melbourne proudly hosted the first-ever stencil festival in history in 2004 as well.

Hosier Lane. This conveniently located side street doubles as an outdoor art exhibition, featuring the finest graffiti artists in the city. The featured artwork is always changing, so you may come back frequently and always see something fresh.

Hosier Lane

3. Bristol, United Kingdom

It wouldn’t be a discussion about street art without bringing up its most well-known pioneer, Banksy. Some of the most famous works by the unidentified and innovative street artist were created in and around Bristol, where he was raised. Bristol remains one of the creative hubs of the UK, even without Banksy. Explore the amazing street artists’ creations here, which are dispersed over the city.

Make an effort to join one of the many street art walking tours that showcase Bristol’s most impressive public art exhibits.
80 Stokes Croft, The Mild Mild West. The humorous scenario featuring an enormous teddy bear against British riot police is a quintessential illustration of Banksy’s distinctive fusion of surrealism and social criticism.

10 of the world's best cities to explore street art

80 Stokes Croft, The Mild Mild West

4. Los Angeles, USA

Over the years, the City of Angels has been home to numerous cultural stars, and there is a ton of street art honoring cherished residents. There are numerous heartfelt homages to basketball legend Kobe Bryant, as well as well-known faces like Marilyn Monroe and Kurt Cobain.

Pacoima’s Mural Mile. What started out as a neighborhood initiative has grown into a sizable urban canvas featuring hundreds of unique pieces created by regional artists. Every piece, from the incredibly realistic to the fancifully spooky, tells a unique tale.

10 of the world's best cities to explore street art

Pacoima’s Mural Mile

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur’s streets are home to an increasing number of avant-garde pieces of art, with the city’s futuristic architecture dominating the surrounding landscape. The city government approved these artistic endeavors to revitalize less well-known neighborhoods. Some examples are an old school bus that has been partially integrated into a brick wall and stone steps that are intended to mimic a river.

Known as “Little Ghost Alley,” Kwai Chai Hong. In the center of Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, this deserted alleyway has been turned into a popular site for street painting. The area narrates the story of day-to-day existence in the 1960s. Once-rudimentary walls have been transformed into nostalgic murals that transport viewers down memory lane.

10 of the world's best cities to explore street art

“Little Ghost Alley,” Kwai Chai Hong

6. Toronto, Canada

Canada’s largest metropolis, sometimes dubbed the most culturally diverse location on earth, has a surprisingly vibrant street art scene. Initiated in 2012, the StreetARToronto program has yielded numerous striking outdoor galleries throughout the city. Well-known local painters have been hired to add fresh hues to the cityscape via spray painting, splattering, and stenciling. Graffiti Row. You won’t be surprised by what you discover here.

Graffiti Alley is a short distance from the enormous CN Tower and was one of the first areas in Toronto to approve street art. These days, Toronto’s most well-known street art location is the lengthy, multicolored alleyway. It is host to many mini-art events and an unending array of intriguing artwork.

Graffiti Alley

7. Berlin, Germany

The capital of Germany is home to a wide variety of street art and has few locations that can rival its creative energy. The Urban Nation, a newly opened museum, is devoted exclusively to Berlin’s urban contemporary art history and culture. Make sure to visit it on your next travels. Gallery on East Side.

The East Side Gallery, which stretches more than a kilometer along Berlin’s hip and artistic Friedrichshain district, has an incredible array of artwork. When you consider that this is all taking place along the wall that for so long split this amazing city in half, it all becomes even more poignant.

The East Side Gallery

8. New York, USA

Street art originated in The Concrete Jungle, with its rich history in the art genre. Strolling down New York City’s infinite avenues, you can’t help but notice amazing multi-story murals painted throughout all five of the city’s boroughs if you look up. The mural of Mount Rushmore at 210 10th Avenue in Chelsea. Renowned street artist Eduardo Kobra created this amazing illustration of New York’s urban art scene.

The artwork pays a warm tribute to the great artists Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, and Keith Haring. The multi-story Manhattan edifice has colorfully rendered faces reminiscent of the famous Mount Rushmore monument.

10 of the world's best cities to explore street art

 The Mount Rushmore of Art mural at 210 10th Avenue, Chelsea.

9. Lisbon, Portugal

Situated picturesquely on the Tagus River, the capital of Portugal features an eclectic collection of street art. Artur Bordalo creates distinctive street sculptures entirely from trash, making him the neighborhood artist.

Poseidon, 65 Calçado de Santa Apolónia, by PichiAvo. A short walk from the oldest rail station in Portugal is this multicolored depiction of the sea god Poseidon staring out to sea. The artwork is breathtakingly gorgeous and deserves a prolonged look.

10 of the world's best cities to explore street art

 Poseidon by PichiAvo, 65 Calçado de Santa Apolónia.

10. Miami, USA

The largest city in southern Florida has a thriving arts culture, as if year-round sunshine weren’t enough. There are many different kaleidoscopic street murals in the “Magic City.” Miami Beach even has the distinction of serving as the annual host city for the well-known art event Art Basel.

Wynwood Cultural District. This neighborhood, once an industrial estate, is without a doubt Miami’s center for urban art. The biggest talents in street art have painted captivating murals on block after block of this area. Because of this, Wynwood is an excellent location for an immersive tour of the amazing artwork on display.

We really hope that this list will encourage you to travel to some of these incredible cities and immerse yourself in the world of street art.

Wynwood Arts District

People often splatter this distinctive art form on city walls in hip, artistic, and photogenic locations that appeal to both locals and visitors.

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