7 Vaastu-Approved Nature Paintings for a Positive Home

Vaastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural and design philosophy, emphasizes the importance of harmony and balance in creating a positive and conducive living environment.

According to Vaastu principles, incorporating elements of nature, such as natural paintings, can enhance the positive energy flow within your home.

Nature paintings, in particular, can bring the beauty and serenity of the outdoors into your living space. In this blog, we will explore 7 Vaastu-approved Nature Paintings for a Positive Home, that can help create a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere.

I will give examples of some of my paintings that is inspired by the beautiful nature and its positive effects.

1. Mountain Landscapes

Mountain landscapes, whether snow-capped peaks or lush green hills, symbolize stability and strength in Vaastu. They evoke a sense of permanence and security, making them an excellent choice for your home. Hang a mountain landscape painting in your living room or entrance to promote a stable and grounded atmosphere.

Alaska wilderness canvas painting, a landscape painting by Parikshita Jain
Alaska wilderness canvas painting, a mountain landscape painting

2. Flowing Water

Paintings featuring flowing water, such as rivers, waterfalls, or streams, are believed to represent the flow of positive energy and abundance. According to Vaastu, placing such artwork in the north or northeast areas of your home can attract prosperity and good fortune.

Iguazu Falls acrylic canvas painting by Parikshita Jain
Iguazu Falls acrylic canvas waterfall painting

3. Floral Art

Floral paintings, especially those with vibrant and colorful flowers, cherry blossoms, bring an element of joy and positivity to your living space. Vaastu suggests placing floral artwork in the east or southeast areas to enhance the energy of growth and creativity.

Vaastu approved Nature Paintings
Autumn Love panel painting, Flowering trees landscape canvas painting

4. Sunset or Sunrise Scenes

Capturing the beauty of a sunrise or sunset on canvas not only adds aesthetic appeal but also symbolizes new beginnings and hope. Hang these paintings in the east or northeast corners of your home to invite positive energy and a sense of optimism.

The Irish Landscape canvas painting by Parikshita Jain
The Irish Landscape sunset canvas painting

5. Birds and Butterflies

Images of birds and butterflies in flight represent freedom and grace. Vaastu advises placing such paintings in the northwest area to promote social connections, communication, and harmony within your home.

Birds and Butterflies paintings, 7 Vaastu-approved Nature Paintings for a Positive Home.
Birds and butterflies painting

6. Greenery and Forests

Paintings featuring lush green forests or verdant landscapes connect your home to nature’s vitality. These artworks are suitable for any part of your home but are particularly effective in the east or southeast corners to stimulate growth and rejuvenation.

The lakeside Summer acrylic canvas painting by Parikshita Jain
The Lakeside Summer acrylic canvas lush green forest painting

7. Ocean and Beach Scenes

Ocean and beach paintings evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity. They represent the vast potential of life and can be placed in the north or northwest areas to promote a peaceful and balanced environment.

Coastal England original canvas painting by Parikshita Jain at artsfiesta.com
The Coastal England ocean, sea and beaches painting

Incorporating Vaastu-approved nature paintings into your home decor can be a simple yet powerful way to create a positive and harmonious living space.

Moreover, these paintings not only add visual appeal but also help to balance the energy flow within your home. This is explained according to ancient Indian design principles.

Whether you choose mountain landscapes for stability, flowing water for abundance, or floral art for creativity, each painting can contribute to a more positive and vibrant living environment.

Therefore, 7 Vaastu-approved Nature Paintings for a Positive Home wiill bring the beauty of nature indoors and let it enhance the energy and atmosphere.

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