Evolution of Landscape Art Infographic

Evolution of landscape art is a fascinating subject. There is no doubt that landscape art has always been a popular form of art. However, it has existed even before the inception of painting, sculpture and other forms of visual art. It is regarded as visual art based on the influence of nature on human beings. But just how long has this form of art been around?

If you have an interest in the history of art and art appreciation, then I think that you’ll find this ingofraphic very interesting. So, let’s get started.

Landscape Art Infographic 1600 2560

The landscape paintings have evolved a lot, but their basic and beautiful message has remained the same. These paintings present a variety of visual treats to spectators. They are of different sizes and also depict different colours in accordance with the season and moods that are portrayed by the paintings. The shapes and sizes of these pictures vary as per the artist’s choice and style.

Academic interest in landscape art during this period was spurred on by a growing appreciation of the region, particularly following the Romantic Movement. Fans of the movement were inspired by nature and its natural beauty, idealizing it as something they should strive to emulate in their own lives. They depicted nature as beautiful, though sometimes tempestuous. Landscape painting also developed as a reaction against the then prominent cityscapes.

The history of evolution of Landscape Art is vast, stretching from thousands of years ago to today. In this article we have discussed the evolution and development of landscape painting through centuries. We hope you enjoyed reading about them. Please leave your comments and let us know how helpful the article was for you.

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