Paintings for living room (5 suggestions)

Paintings for living room is indeed a difficult task to look for. There will hundreds fo options to buy from like amazon, flipkart, etsy, etc. The success to achieve those beautiful aesthetic rooms needs a bit of research.

One has to analyse all the aspects before even starting to search for it.

Nature Paintings

People nowadays are more interested in buying a painting that they feel more connected to. For instance, some love the mezmerizing nature paintings. They feel that waking upto the beautiful sunset, snow mountains, trees or calm water will make their mood instantly happy.

These kind of paintings are loved by many as they can relate to our enchanting earth and its beauty.

wild painting interior look
‘Wild’ canvas painting interior look for decor

Village Paintings

Village paintings are a significant part of the Indian culture and holds a soft spot in people’s heart. Many have a nostalgic feel with their native places and love to see a beautiful part of it hung on their walls.

The misty Forest original acrylic canvas painting by Parikshita Jain at artsfiesta
The misty forest acrylic painting by Parikshita Jain

Abstract Art

Abstract painting is also another popular section which has grabbed people’s attention these days. To be honest, there are quite lot of individuals who feel that abstract art has no meaning However, these kind of paintings are not always understood by everyone. Furthermore, they require a deep understanding and appreciation of art. Nevertheless, they have a unique way of conveying emotions and connecting with the viewer. Additionally, they can evoke powerful emotions and create a profound impact on the audience.

Therefore, even if some people don’t relate to it, they can’t resist themselves to buy such art. This is because of how beautiful it matches with their interior look. Abstract art gives a mordern touch to the walls and make it look more stylish. There are set of vertical paintings and even the horizontal ones available that can be chosen for a unique approach.

The immersing colors interior
Abstract art

Traditional Art

There is love for traditional art as well. It can give the living room a touch of ancient and aesthitic approach. Along with traditional vibes, people love to feel the blessing and peacefulness with Buddha, Ganesha, etc. paintings that is of spiritual significance. There are handmade painting options as well, crafted with different materials on clothes, linen etc.

Stories of the old canvas acrylic painting

Photography prints

In this mordern world when people have amazing equipments to capture the real life photos. It is indeed not a bad idea to hang those stunning high quality photography prints on their walls.

These pictures can come in various desired sizes (large size) and you can get multiple customized options. As the world have become digital, so does the art.

1 pic interior 1000
Arts Fiesta Photography Prints – The Snow Charm

Color Scheme

Likewise, the theme of the painting is also an important point to look upon. The color scheme of the art that matches with the hues of your living room, is an important aspect to decide the perfect painting.

In all, choosing beautiful wall paintings for living room which you can really connect to and that gives you positive vibes would be the right option for you.

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