Top 10 Landscape Photographers In 2024

1. Ansel Adams

Top 10 landscape photographers in 2024

Ansel Adams was a renowned landscape photographer whose work has profoundly influenced future generations of photographers.

He isn’t merely famous and often hailed as the father of landscape photography and is widely regarded as one of the greatest landscape photographers of all time.

He practiced a style known as pure or straight photography, characterized by a strict technical approach. This method emphasizes that the subject should be in sharp focus and the photograph should encompass the full tonal range.

 2. Erin Babnik

Top 10 landscape photographers in 2024

Babnik is an American photographer with a background in art history and research, which has profoundly influenced the depth and expressiveness of her landscape photography. She is also an educator and speaker, having been hosted by institutions worldwide. Additionally, Babnik is a Canon Explorer of Light and a member of Photo Cascadia.

3. David Brookover

Top 10 landscape photographers in 2024

Brookover’s landscapes transcend mere beauty; they are exceptional prints crafted with traditional techniques, resulting in unique works of art. This distinctive approach has established him as one of America’s premier landscape photographers. His masterpieces are on display year-round at The Brookover Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming.

For aspiring photographers, his Instagram account offers endless inspiration. But if you’re in the vicinity, visiting the gallery in person is a must. Only then can you truly appreciate the handmade papers and meticulous printing methods.

4. Patricia Davidson

Top 10 landscape photographers in 2024

Davidson is an American landscape photographer known for merging elements of nature and fine-art photography. She primarily operates in the American West, especially Oregon, where she resides and works.

Davidson enjoys traveling to capture the beauty of nature, emphasizing color, texture, and the movement of water in her work.

Her landscape photographs have been featured in numerous publications. Additionally, she contributes writings to some of these publications and speaks at various conferences across the United States.

5. Zack Doehler

Top 10 landscape photographers in 2024

He ventured into the world of photography as a child and is now a prolific full-time photographer at the age of 22.

Each of his stunning images tells a captivating story, making his Instagram account truly unique. Unlike many who use the platform solely to showcase their photography skills, he offers much more.

He also enjoys experimenting with post-processing techniques, which he says have helped him define his style, characterized by dreamy light and vibrant colors.

6. Nicki Frates

Nicki Frates began her career as a fashion designer, but her journey took a transformative turn when she discovered her passion and talent for landscape photography. This revelation came from a single photograph, “Fire Falls,” capturing the Horsetail Falls in Yosemite National Park. The image garnered numerous awards and publications, completely altering her life.

Since then, her photography has been featured in numerous magazines, including National Geographic. Additionally, she has been highlighted in the Art My Way series by Pixels.

7. Jake Guzman

Jake Guzman is a leading landscape photographer in the commercial sector, collaborating with notable clients such as Honda, Huawei, Canon, Visit Sweden, National Geographic, and many more.

Known for his distinctive editing style characterized by vibrant colors, Guzman offers some of his presets for sale on his website.

Based in Seattle, Guzman is frequently on the move, driven by both professional and personal passions. He is also skilled in video production, having filmed the commercial campaign for the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

8. Tony Hewitt

Hewitt is renowned as one of the world’s most celebrated landscape photographers, with over 350 awards to his name.

Among his most captivating works are abstract aerial photographs. However, his talent extends beyond landscapes; he has created impressive series on concrete and environmental portraits.

Since 1995, Hewitt has been invited to judge various photography contests. He has co-authored a series of books, delivered conferences, and conducted workshops.

Hewitt’s signature style is known for its ability to create “something from nothing.”

9. Christian HØiberg

He is renowned as one of the most famous landscape photographers, specializing in the Arctic Borders, where he primarily conducts his workshops. He also travels to the Dolomites and Greenland for his photography. His stunning landscape photography has been featured in GEO, Digital Photographer, NPhoto Magazine, and other publications. Additionally, his work has been licensed by notable brands such as Adobe, BenQ, and Manfrotto. He is sponsored by Vallerret, NiSi, Skylum, and Fotopro.

10. Nick Jackson

He is a photographer based in London, focusing on cityscape and landscape photography. His journey began with self-teaching on a film camera from a young age. After extensive travels, he transitioned to digital photography, which significantly influenced his creative evolution. His renowned landscape images are vibrant, often showcasing sunbursts and sunsets.

As a travel photographer, he has been commissioned by prestigious clients such as American Airlines, Lonely Planet, Emirates Airlines, and the Crown Estate to capture cultural and natural heritage. He is undeniably a rising star among landscape photography enthusiasts.

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