8 household objects ideas to paint on (Easy painting ideas at home)


Painting on household surfaces is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to decorate your home. You can paint on every type of surface, from canvas and wood to fabric, metal and plastic. With these creative ideas for painting on objects in your home, you can turn anything into a beautiful piece of art! So here are some tips on 8 household objects ideas to paint on:

1. A piece of wood

You can use a piece of wood, metal, or glass. The key is to use a clear coat of paint to protect it from water and other damage. A long-handled brush with bristles that are slightly rounded works best for this task because it allows you to reach the top of the piece without tipping over.

painting on wood - Arts Fiesta
painting on wood 2 - Arts Fiesta

2. Canvas

Canvas is a popular choice for painting because it’s versatile and easy to work with. It can be used on its own, or in conjunction with other materials like oil paint, acrylics and watercolors. To get ideas of acrylic and oil canvas paintings, you can visit my shop and also buy from my etsy shop ArtsFiestaShop.

If you’re new to the art world but want to get started with your own canvas paintings, canvas might be just what you need! You don’t have to worry about buying expensive brushes or other equipment that can make painting difficult if you choose canvas as your medium of choice. Plus there are plenty of tutorials online so even if this isn’t something that comes naturally for you right away (which happens sometimes), there will still be plenty of resources available online explaining how best practices should go down when working with this particular type of material.

3. An old chair

The chairs in your house are the most likely to be painted by you. You can paint them any color you want, and if you’re not sure what color to use, the best option is to choose a light color that coordinates with the rest of your room.

a woman restores and improves an old wooden chair in her workshop

If you want to go in a different direction or match something else in your home, here’s how:

  • Use dark colors on light furniture like nightstands and lamps (or vice versa). This will give it depth without making it too dramatic or out of place.
  • If there’s an old chair lying around that needs some love before being tossed out into storage somewhere else—paint it! Painting an old piece gives new life while still keeping some character intact through its age-old patina.

4. A wooden bowl

A bowl is a good place to start because it’s available in various sizes, shapes and colors. You can paint the whole bowl or just the inside of it (or both). If you’re going to be filling your bowl with flowers, make sure you know how much water they require!

Mature Woman Decorating Bowl In Pottery Class
woman hand paints ceramics

If you want to experiment with painting before filling your new container with flowers, try starting with an empty one first. Then add some flowers and paint over them as well as around them: They’ll show off their true beauty when they’re fully painted!

5. A plain fabric tote bag

The tote bag is a great canvas for painting because it’s sturdy, easy to handle and won’t get dirty in your home. You can use any of the following materials:

  • Acrylic paint (which appears more natural than oil-based paints)
  • Fabric paint or fabric paint brushes or sponges (for creating texture)
painting a plain tote bag

6. A pair of tennis shoes or a pair of leather shoes.

To clean your shoes, use a damp cloth and warm water. Do not scrub the shoes with anything abrasive or use chemicals because they can damage the leather over time. After cleaning, lightly rub down the paint with a dry rag to prevent smudging while they dry. To protect them from rain, it is important that you cover them before painting.

painting a canvas shoe

If you are painting on wet surfaces like concrete or grassy areas where dirt may get trapped between your paint and shoe material during application, apply fingernail polish remover first so that any stains left behind after drying won’t damage the surface underneath! If there are no washable surfaces nearby then simply wipe off all dirt with an old toothbrush before beginning work on this project; this will help prevent any accidental spills from ruining both yours and others’ efforts later down line .

7. A cutting board.

You should use a cutting board that is made of wood, not plastic. Plastic boards can get stained with food and bacteria, which is why you should choose a wooden one instead. If you don’t have a knife block at home, then make sure to purchase one before painting your cutting board. This will ensure that no food gets stuck in between the knives when they’re being used on their new home!

painting on cutting board

Before painting your new cutting board, make sure that it’s dry! Use an air compressor or hairdryer if necessary (especially if there’s any water underneath). Then clean off all dirt with soap and water before applying paint evenly over entire surface area using brush attachment on sprayer bottle from hardware store.

8. Have fun painting on these and other household objects!

Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you’re not sure how to paint on a table, ask someone who knows!

Don’t be afraid to fail. If your painting doesn’t turn out as expected, don’t give up! Maybe next time it will turn out better…or maybe not. That’s okay too! Try these 8 household objects ideas to paint on and see how your creativity grows.

Don’t be afraid to try painting on something that you wouldn’t normally paint on (like yourself 😉 ). Sometimes it helps just having some motivation and guidance from someone else who has done it before—and sometimes even just doing something different from what we’ve done before can feel good if we’re just starting off with something new in our lives.


So there you have it! This is a great way to get rid of some of the things in your home and start painting with them. You can also use these tips for other household items, like pots, pans or tools.

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