An Artist’s guide to choosing the right easel for you

The Essential Role of Easels in Artistic Evolution

Easels are indispensable tools in the art world, offering a stable framework to hold canvases or other surfaces while artists work. An Artist’s guide to choosing the right easel for you, their primary function is to provide stability, adjustability, and versatility, allowing artists to create their works comfortably.

Historically, easels have played a crucial role in the development of art. They gained prominence during the Renaissance, enabling artists to work on larger canvases with ease. Easels allowed artists to experiment with new techniques, perspectives, and expressions, fostering the diversity and innovation that characterize different artistic periods and styles.

Why Investing in an Art Easel is Essential: Practical and Artistic Benefits

There are three compelling reasons to buy an art easel: one practical and two artistic. Firstly, an easel keeps your work safe from damage, preventing dust accumulation and spills that can ruin artwork when working on a desk. Taping paper to a wall isn’t ideal either, as it can lead to crumpled art due to paint and pressure.

An easel secures your work, ensuring it remains intact. Additionally, investing in an easel is a commitment to your craft. We offer five types to suit any practice: table top easels, box easels, small display easels, sketch easels, and everyday wooden easels. Let’s explore the considerations to make before investing in an easel.

Easels are indispensable tools in the art world, offering a stable framework to hold canvases or other surfaces while artists work

Choosing The Right Easel For Your Art

Type of Artwork

The type of art you create significantly determines the kind of easel you need. For example, if you work with large canvases or produce art in different settings, a sturdy studio easel is ideal. On the other hand, if you prefer working on smaller pieces or enjoy painting outdoors, a portable or tabletop easel would be more suitable.

Materials and Durability

Easels are crafted from a variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, and steel. The durability and stability you require should be determined by the medium you work with. For heavy materials like large canvases or mixed media, a sturdy wooden easel is ideal. In contrast, lightweight materials are better suited for smaller, less demanding projects.

Adjustability and Comfort

Ergonomics are crucial when selecting an easel. Seek out features that allow for adjustment in height, angle, and canvas size capacity. These adjustable elements ensure comfort during extended periods of work and provide the flexibility needed for various art techniques and styles.

Space and Storage

Consider your available workspace before selecting an easel. Some easels are designed to be space-efficient, featuring foldable designs or a minimal footprint, making them perfect for smaller studios or shared spaces. If space is limited, a compact easel could be the ideal choice.

Budget Consideration

Easels come in a broad price range. Establish your budget and focus on features that meet your artistic needs. While high-end easels offer numerous functionalities, budget-friendly options can still meet your essential requirements.

Easels are indispensable tools in the art world, offering a stable framework to hold canvases or other surfaces while artists work

Types Of Easels


If you’re painting outdoors, it’s best to opt for something compact and portable. If you’re fortunate enough to have a studio, you can accommodate a studio Mabef easel. In a spare room, you might need to move or store your easel when it’s not in use, so you’ll need something lightweight or even collapsible. Painting in a communal area may require you to use a table-mounted easel.

If you create and display large-scale, impactful paintings and drawings, studio easels are ideal for you. Sturdy, robust, and made from beechwood, these easels are fully adjustable, easy to work with, and can support large canvases. Both easel stands are excellent for display purposes, making them a splendid choice for open studio events.

Adjustable Heights – Attain the ideal working height for your art, ensuring maximum comfort and precision.

Sturdy Construction – Built to last, these easels offer stability and durability, even with heavy and oversized canvases.

Versatile Angles – Many of our studio easels feature multiple angles to support a variety of art techniques and styles.

Large Canvas Capacity – Capable of holding large canvases, these easels allow you to unleash your creativity on a grand scale.


Designed specifically for outdoor painting and creative adventures in nature, these easels provide unparalleled portability and versatility. Constructed from lightweight materials and featuring compact, foldable designs, our range of field easels are perfect for plein air painting or art retreats. We offer various options, from sturdy tripod designs to easel boxes with built-in storage, to suit every artist’s needs.

With adjustable supports and height settings, our field easels ensure you can find the optimal working position for maximum comfort and convenience. Effortlessly capture the beauty of your surroundings, whether you’re painting landscapes, seascapes, or urban scenes.

Portability – Crafted for easy folding and carrying, these easels are your gateway to artistic adventures anywhere you go!

Adjustable Function – Many of our field easels feature adjustable heights and angles, enabling you to adapt to various terrains and lighting conditions.

Sturdy Build – Our easels are designed to endure the elements, offering a stable foundation for your artwork.

Compact Storage – After use, these easels can be effortlessly stored, ideal for artists who are always on the move.

Display Easels

How you showcase your art holds equal significance alongside the art itself. Our collection of display easels is meticulously crafted to enhance and elevate the presentation of your artwork.

We provide an extensive range of easels ideal for exhibiting your work at events and exhibitions, accommodating pieces up to 3.75 feet. Explore offerings from renowned brands like Mabef, Daler Rowney, Winsor & Newton, and others. Your art merits a presentation that truly honors its essence, and we’re dedicated to assisting you in accomplishing precisely that.

Height Adjustability – Display easels frequently feature adaptable legs or support arms, enabling you to alter the height to fit various-sized items and ensure ideal visibility.

Diverse Display Choices – Display easels are available in a range of styles and configurations to match diverse needs. Certain models offer adjustable tilt angles, while others incorporate varied support structures such as tripod legs or A-frame designs.

Compact and Convenient – Numerous display easels are foldable or collapsible, enhancing convenience for storage and transportation. This attribute holds particular significance for mobile artists and presenters.

Easels are indispensable tools in the art world, offering a stable framework to hold canvases or other surfaces while artists work

Exploring Optimal Easel Techniques for Various Painting Mediums

Delving into the nuanced techniques and considerations for each medium when utilizing an easel can greatly influence the artistic process and final outcomes.

Essential Features for Oil and Acrylic Painting Easel

Stability and Endurance: A solid and durable easel is essential for oil painting, given the weight of canvases and vigorous brushwork. Look for a studio easel with a wide base and sturdy construction to ensure stability.

Adjustable Functionality: Choose an easel with adjustable height and tilt capabilities for oil painting. This allows artists to work comfortably while sitting or standing and adjust the canvas angle for optimal paint application.

Convenient Palette and Accessory Organization: Opt for an easel equipped with built-in trays or attachments for holding palettes, brushes, and other supplies. This ensures easy access to materials without disrupting the painting process.

Consideration for Acrylic Paints’ Quick Drying: Artists working with acrylic paints benefit from easels that facilitate swift adjustments and transitions between sections of the painting due to the medium’s rapid drying time. Look for an easel with smooth adjustment mechanisms for added convenience.

Enhancing Watercolour Painting with Versatile Easel

Exploring both Horizontal and Vertical Options: Watercolour enthusiasts can optimize their painting experience with an easel that offers both horizontal and vertical orientations. Horizontal positioning facilitates precise control over water and paint flow, while vertical setups are ideal for paper stretching and achieving diverse artistic effects.

Balancing Stability and Flexibility: A reliable yet adjustable easel is paramount for watercolour artists. Seek out easels that offer a slight tilt, enabling excess water to gracefully run off the paper while maintaining steady paint control.

Securing Your Canvas: When selecting an easel, prioritize models equipped with secure paper attachment mechanisms like clips or adjustable bars. These features ensure watercolour paper remains firmly in place, preventing unwanted buckling or warping throughout the painting process.

Ensuring Stability for Fluid Washes: Stability is key, particularly when executing wet washes in watercolour painting. Choose an easel that steadfastly holds its position, minimizing any wobbling or shaking and allowing the paper to remain steadfast throughout your creative journey.

Incorporating an Easel into Your Studio

Easel Placement for Ideal Lighting

When situating your easel, prioritize natural light sources. Position it perpendicular to the primary light source to reduce glare and shadows on your canvas. Sufficient lighting not only brightens your artwork but also enhances color accuracy and detail visibility.

Placement for Unrestricted Artistic Expression

Ensuring strategic positioning of the easel guarantees sufficient room for movement during painting sessions, facilitating easy access to art supplies. Steer clear of confined spaces that stifle artistic flow and hinder creativity.

Easel Ergonomics for Comfort and Productivity

Finding the right height and angle for your easel is essential for both comfort and productivity. By adjusting the easel to align with your preferred working posture, you can reduce strain on your body during long painting sessions. Prioritizing proper ergonomics not only improves focus but also enhances your artistic output.

Incorporating an easel into your studio goes beyond its practical function; it’s about crafting an environment that fosters creativity and artistic expression. Thoughtful placement of the easel, along with a well-designed painting area, serves as the foundation for bringing your artistic ideas to fruition.

Maintaining Your Easel: Securing Durability and Stability

Maintenance for Easels: Keeping Them Pristine

Ensuring your easel stays in top condition requires regular cleaning. Opt for a soft, dry cloth or a delicate brush to gently eliminate any dust or debris. For wooden easels, it’s advisable to intermittently use a slightly damp cloth to ward off grime buildup, which could lead to wood damage over time.

Easel Stability and Smooth Movement

Regularly inspect your easel for any loose screws, bolts, or hinges. Use a screwdriver or the suitable tool to gently tighten them. This helps maintain stability, crucially so for larger canvases or when engaging in energetic painting sessions. Additionally, ensure to lubricate any moving parts to facilitate smooth movement.

A Guide to Routine Inspection

It’s important to routinely examine your easel for indications of wear and tear, like cracks, splinters, or warping, particularly with wooden easels. Promptly attending to these concerns can help avert additional harm and preserve the easel’s structural stability.

Essential Guidelines for Easel Maintenance and Storage

Effective storage is pivotal for maintaining the longevity of your easel. When not actively in use, ensure it is stored in a dry location, shielded from direct sunlight and abrupt temperature fluctuations. This precautionary measure aids in averting potential warping of the wood and corrosion of metal components.

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