Top 8 tips to consider while choosing artwork for your home

An artwork to a room is what punctuation is to a sentence; it is an important ingredient that adds character and an element of interest to a space.

Selecting a piece of art, whether it is a painting, an art print or a photograph, can be a complicated and intimidating process. It takes your instinct and learning to choose the perfect fit for your space. Art causes us to have an appreciation and gratification for what we have in our lives.

So, let’s have a look on Top 8 tips to consider while choosing artwork for your home that speaks to you:

1. Pick what you like

Art is a venue for expression through colour, content, and texture. Select pieces of art that speak to your heart and infuse with your personality. People often tend to choose eccentric and irrational pieces of art for their walls.

The Oceans Rhythm Part 2
Serenity acrylic canvas painting by Parikshita Jain

If you think you are unaware of your taste in art, look over the sections broken down by Google Arts & Culture and simply see which styles you’re attracted to.

You should really rely on your gut feeling while choosing art for your space. Perhaps most importantly, a home should reflect its owner, so avoid being overly influenced by fashion trend and understand how art can enhance the quality of ones life.

2. Get to know the artist

“Knowing the person who created your art will help you comprehend its meaning and the environment in which it was created.

Every artist has some style which is different from the other. You might relate to their style, genre or even the stories they try to tell through their art and hence you can have a piece of their own, to depict your own story. It’s all about the connection you are going to have with the artist or their story.

tips to consider while choosing artwork for your home

Local studio artists passionately develop their art and art practice in order to share their ideas, experiences, and tell stories so it’s not unusual to think that viewers of their creations will ultimately be affected and stimulated, visually.

Read up on the artist if you can’t meet him or her in person. Online artist profiles are now available from a lot of modern galleries, like Arts Fiesta. Of course, you can find almost anyone with a quick Google search. To learn more about the creators of your work, do some research on them or follow them on Instagram.

3. Work with the existing or potential style of the room

You must analyze whether the art you choose does complement the aesthetic of your home when picking your pick.

If you’re happy with the way a room already looks, think about how introducing a piece of art can enhance the look of the space.

On the other side, maybe you want to update some outdated decor. In that scenario, you should consider how the artwork will contribute to the fresh aesthetic you’re striving for.

tips to consider while choosing artwork for your home
Hawa Mahal painting by Parikshita Jain

You’ll also want to specifically consider aspects of your walls and furniture when choosing artwork.

Have you chosen to paint or use wallpaper on your walls? Choose art that is more subdued if your wallpaper has a busy or textured pattern.

In order to draw attention to the piece, you can utilise a strong frame. Additionally, you want the background and the artwork to contrast or match each other. If you chose paint, you can choose more elaborate artwork as it won’t clash with the pattern on the wall.

It is in our very nature to evolve over time. Similarly, our taste and preference in art evolve over time too. It thus becomes pertinent for one to ensure that any new art one purchases, seamlessly blends with the existing ones. After all, each artwork you purchase serves as a totem of memory that reminds you of your unique experiences.

 tips to consider while choosing artwork for your home
The Red Boat

The same principles apply to furnishings as well. It can be preferable to go with basic art if your furniture is strong, vibrant, and textured. If your couch, coffee table, and carpet don’t pack much of a punch, though, you can give your area some extra energy by adding powerful art.

4. Consider your budget

Your budget is a crucial factor to consider while purchasing art. If you have a sizable budget, you can browse art galleries or go directly to an artist whose work you adore to see what they have for sale. Just so you know, buying an original can be a prudent financial decision.

art prints, wall decor prints and paintings

There are artists offering their work in a variety of forms, including prints, pillows, rugs, and much more, from all around the world. Simply conduct a search for the type of art you like, decide on your price range, and presto! Enjoy browsing a plethora of intriguing possibilities.

We at Arts Fiesta, have wide range of elegant and affordable art and prints for your different moods and feels. Check out ArtsFiesta Shop.

5. Be aware of the size and color scheme of your space

First, while hanging art on your wall, pay attention to the vacant space rather than the areas that are occupied by furniture, windows, details, or other décor.

An artwork should ideally cover between slightly more than half and three-quarters of what is seen. Second, any work of art should cover roughly two-thirds to three-quarters of whatever furniture it is positioned above.

Young woman hanging art picture on wall and decorating living room

To select the ideal sculpture, huge figurine, or other type of standalone item, use the same fundamental principles and guidelines: It must be just a bit smaller than the space available and shouldn’t overpower the furnishings in the immediate vicinity.

People frequently make the rookie error of purchasing a statement piece that matches the colour scheme of the rest of the room. That greatly detracts from the décor’s overall impact and causes the room’s decor to either appear modest or excessive. In order to let your artwork speak for itself, it is best to use colours that immediately contradict one another.

6. Consider displaying multiple pieces

If you have a large space, then you might want to think about picking up multiple pieces of art. Buying separate pieces can still result in a cohesive look if you stick to a style, subject, color pallet, or artist.

To make things even easier, consider investing in a duo of pieces that were created as a pair. You could even opt for a triptych. There is something very appealing about a painting done on more than one canvas.

3 round meditation set paintings for wall decor
Yoga pose triplets
the twinscape acrylic paintings set of 2 by Parikshita Jain
Twinscape painting set

If you look at a traditional diptych or triptych, you’ll see that it’s not just a series of images that go together- instead, a single composition that stretches out over each of the canvases, creating one painting out of many smaller parts.

7. Comission a piece

A commissioned piece of art is a wonderful opportunity to collect the work of an artist you admire and get it just the perfect size for your room. Make sure the artist you choose has experience working on commissions, or get a client who has previously worked with the artist to give their insights.

We advise not trying to control the artist too much or ask them to deviate too much from their style. This will only lead to disaster.

8. Arrange ideal lighting and a theme

The lighting around art can completely change how it’s perceived which is why you’ll want to think about what lighting exists in areas where you want certain pieces to go.

Of course, you can always arrange special lighting to showcase your artwork. The finest options include LEDs, halogens, and incandescent lighting.

A room’s unique atmosphere can also be enhanced by specific art themes. Art by its very nature is emotional, and has a significant impact on the mood of a space. For instance, in your bedroom, you might want paintings of calming sunsets to help you relax, whereas in the kitchen, you could go for appetite-stimulating photos of food.

In essence, you should explore different areas of the art world, different scenarios and genre, all while being yourself. You should be able to connect with the artwork and it should set the mood of your space, according to your requirements.

You can enhance the piece by proper framing and lighting, all together. Don’t limit your definition of art to merely images. Not only are paintings and drawings part of art. There are numerous various mediums that may transform an interior, such as textile art, pottery, glass, or metalwork, which we love to combine into our designs.

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