What is Abstract Art? What Makes it So Unique?

We have always admired abstract art, not in the sense of understanding though! People find it hard to comprehend it, but somehow buy it, because it looks trendy.

What is abstract art?

Abstract art is like contemporary art, but instead of focusing on an object, the emphasis is on the abstract!

What makes abstract art so unique? It seeks to express something outside the physical world, something that we cannot see, feel or hear. However, we can read about and imagine it.

If you want to be in touch with abstract art, you can take a class in abstract art at prestigious institutes. Or try to paint some abstract art! How about writing about the word abstract? If you haven’t seen it before, then you should check out this artwork by Gerhard Richter: ‘The Painter Without a Brush. Or read the below commentary on the word “abstract” by Alberto Cortes:

“In Spanish, abstract means not decided. It also means without definition, except of itself.

Also you can check out my personal favorite abstract works of Jonnaa Jinton. I love her art that is mainly inspired by nature and is grandeur.

The history of abstraction in the Western world

Where was it first?

Abstract Art was first developed in the Western world, around 1870.

The earliest examples are from Parisian Schools of Decorative Art. The movement came into prominence in 1870, with Monet’s series of “Water Lilies”, but most of the artists working with this genre were from London, Paris and then the United States.

The focus was, in my opinion, the making of images on a flat surface. So you can read the style on a wall, and if you like, ask a designer to reproduce it for you.

The colour, the shapes, the general style all stem from the same sources, but the style became associated with ‘degenerate art’, and so became more associated with social critique and left wing political views.

Why abstract art is so unique?

“We only need to see one thing to understand what we know. Seeing is believing.”

Now, what is an abstract painting? Take a look at this definition from Wikipedia:

Abstract art is a major component of Western modernist painting, founded in Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It is a form of expressionist painting which employs arbitrary patterns, repetitive forms, and bright colors to emphasize form, line, and color as fundamental considerations. Abstract art contains visual and conceptual elements which operate independently of any particular representational imagery. It may also incorporate symbols and iconography, and is distinguished by the abstract application of techniques such as color, line, form, and abstraction of form.

Is abstract art for everyone?

There is no way that it is appropriate for everyone, but for the ones that get it, it can be a very enriching experience. Some abstracts can really work as a tool to change the perception of people. The idea of making something abstract to portray an abstract concept is one of the most challenging art forms in the world. The great thing about this is that there are always exceptions to the rule. Just because some works of art are not universally accepted doesn’t mean that there aren’t works of art which do reach such an acceptability!

Also, some abstract paintings can be interpreted as metaphors for something or the other. So, even if you don’t like it, it’s not to say you won’t like it if you do.

My paintings are more of contemporary style. I feel going into abstract form, needs more courage and lots of self realisation. I hope to acheive that one day.


Abstract art forms are beautiful expressions of artists’ freedom of expression and thought. It’s different from realism in that it involves layering and depth. Because of this, it is difficult to understand and appreciate what the artists have painted. But when the paintings are seen at the right distance, they reveal their form in perspective. These forms can only be seen in the round and are not resolved in a painting. It also makes use of unusual perspectives, colours and materials that leave a lot of scope for interpretation.

So, why should you start painting?

Because painting and capturing art can help you discover new talents and interests that you never knew you had. If you enjoy painting abstract art, it is a great way to share your creativity with others.

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