How to Price your Paintings (3 easy ways)

Creating an Art is basically an innovation, something that world haven’t seen yet!

Each brush stroke, each material, each extra amount of hardwork and time that you’ve spent is all equally important.

Therefore, satisfaction along with practicality is needed when you decide to price your paintings.

I would like share some of my experiences and methods that I’ve learnt in charging my paintings, especially to price artwork for beginner’s in India.

Method 1: Square inch x INR amount + materials cost

  1. Multiply the width and length inches of your artwork.
  2. Then multiply the square inches with a multiplier INR amount that you wish to set for your credentials and reputations.
  3. Round it to the nearest hundreds.
  4. Finally add the materials cost to its doubled amount.

The multiplier amount can change based on the size of the paintings.

This method is easy and chosen by many artist all over the world.

Some also charge their paintings by per square inch amount, usually seen among professional and estabilished artists.

Method 2: (Hourly wage x Time spent) + Cost of materials

  1. Multiply the Charge you decide for an hour of your work to the amount of time spent in completing the painting.
  2. Add the cost of materials to the rounded amount.

This method is usually beneficial for emerging artists.

You can decide your hourly wage by researching and comparing it to the artists already in the business.

Method 3: (Length + width) x INR amount

  1. Add the length and width inches of your painting, resulting in a linear inch.
  2. Multiply it with your fixed INR amount multiplier.

This method is usually simple to follow when you have paintings of varied sizes.

With this method, it is easy to explain the buyers about the cost of the paintings that you’ve decided.

Some additional tips that can be helpful:

  • Always research the prices of the comparable artists.
  • Research the market and visit the online/offline gallery to understand how artist are pricing their precious innovations.
  • Don’t undersell your work and your confidence, instead be firm and comfortable with your decision.
  • Keep the same price everywhere where you display your artwork. Difference in prices will not be loved by the customers.

Hope these tips and methods help you to price your watercolor, oil, canvas paintings. If you have time, kindly visit my online store to explore some of my paintings I’ve made so far.

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